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Smartpower Automation


Smartpower was established in August 1992, only with 3 people and 50 USD working capital.Within a short period it has established its Brand name Smartpower & grown into one of the leading UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply System) manufacturers in Eastern India. In 2006 the company has diversified to Door & Gate Automation & Security Solutions. ABOUT CEO The CEO of the company Rajiv K. Poddar, (Born in May 1964) has graduated with Physics (Hons) and then completed B.Tech in 1990 from India's premier Institute of Radiophysics & Electronics, University of Calcutta. After working for companies like Tata Groups, PCL, WEBEL, he promoted Smartpower in 1992. His vision and the teamwork of the employees have established Smartpower Brand in the market. ABOUT THE GURU Shri Ram Krishna Fouzdar - An Eminent Innovator (Father of Instrumentation In Eastern India) is the Chief Mentor & GURU of our CEO. He inspired our CEO to take up Entrepreneurship instead of traditional job. Shri R.K.Fouzdar is the inventor of many technologies, mainly in educational instrumentation.Most of Polytechnics in West Bengal was developed under his guidance. In the picture Shri R K Fouzdar is with renowned scientist Shri Satyen Bose. FACTORY EXPANSION May 26th 2001- Company added 5000 sq ft manufacturing plant using state-of-the-art technology that was inaugurated by Shri M.N Roy, Commissioner of Taxes, Government of West Bengal. TECHNICAL COLLABORATION Technical Collaboration - In 1999 our technical team visited Taipei, China to set up technical tie up with a Taipei based reputed company for sourcing in technology for Online UPS

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Smartpower Automation is the pioneer of Door Automation Solutions. We have the cutting edge technology which provides the best services accross sectors in India
Smartpower Automation is the pioneer of Door Automation Solutions. We have the cutting edge technology which provides the best services accross sectors in India
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Door Automation
Door Automation INR 0 INR 0 Door Automation Systems are popular in US & European countries since 30~35 years. Expensive manpower was the main reason for invention of Door & Gate Automation products. Security & Survillance, easy of operation, faster & automatic movemets have made it polular. Automatic Door, Gates, Windows etc widely used all over the world & fast cathing us in developing countries also. • The folling products falls under Door Automation - • A) Rolling Shutters • i ) Mild Steel made rolling shutters upto 1000 sq feet. • a ) tubular Motors used in rolling shutters upto 100 sq feet. • b) Central Motor used in medium size rolling shutters upto 200 sq feet, it can work by hand during power fail • c) Side Motors are used in heavy duty rolling shutters upto 1000 sq feet. • ii) High Speed Rolling Shuutters (PVC) • iii) Sectional doors • iv) Vertical doors • B) Glass Sensor Doors • i) Auto Glass Sensor Door used in airport, shopping mall, offices, industries etc. • ii) Swing Door used in offices, hospitals etc. • iii) Revolving auto door used in Malls,Hotels etc. • iv) Hermiatically sealed Hospital Doors used in Operation Theatres. • v) Telescopic Auto Door used where large opening are needed. True 1512798684
Gate Automation
Gate Automation INR 0 INR 0 Gate Automation was popular in developed countries since 3~4 decades, it is fast cathing up in developed and under developed countries also. Expensive manpower, security & control, easy of operation, low power consumptions are the resons of its popularity. Door Automation, Gate Automation, Window Automation, Home Automation, Roof Automation are used in homes, industry, offices, hospitals & schools every where. • Gate Automation consist of - • A) Sliding Gate Operators • B) Swing Gate Operators • C) Retractable Gates • D) Boom Barriers • E) RFID Gate Entrance solutions • F) Tyre Killers & Spike Barriers • G) Tripod Turnstile ( Half & Full Height) • H) Flap Barriers True 1512798763
Parking Solutions
Parking Solutions INR 0 INR 0 PARKING SOLUTIONS are very much in demand due to urbanization & growth of vehicles. In developed countries it cost more to find a Parking Space for the CAR rather than to buy it. Several emerging technologies are developed to find Parking Management Solutions for vehicles & Pedestrian. • A) Boom Barriers are also called Parking Barriers or Barrier Gates. They are used in Car Parking Solutions,Toll Plaza,Malls, Amusement Parks, Hospitals etc. Its Boom arm can be upto 8 meter wide and can Open and Close in 1 to 8 sec. It is waterproof,IP 55 for outdoor use. Many models like Straight Arm, Fencing arm, Folding arm etc are available. These Barrier gates are fully compatible with Access Control systems. • B) UHD RFID Entrance Solutions - are popular in housing complex, Industry etc where many vechicles enter & exit in the comples daily. In this system UHF RFID ( Ultra High Frequency Radio frequency Identification) Cards / or Tags / or Stickers are pasted on the Vehicle wind screen. One UHF Reader is mounted at the Entry & Exit Gates. These readers can read the UHD Cards / stickers / tags from 10~12 meter distance and OPENS the Gate. This system avoids physical verification of registered vehicles. • C) PARKING FEE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - is widely popular in Shopping Malls, Bus stands, Housing complex, Hospitals & public places etc. under this system, when the vehicle enters the Parking area and RFID card is handed over to vehicle driver and barrier gates opens. When the driver leaves parking area, it scans the card, the Parking Fee System will tell about the Parking Fee, the driver will pay the FEE and the Barrier Gate opens and the vehicle leaves. There are many types of Parking FEE collection system. • a) Wireless Parking FEE Management System - is most popular solution. in this system there is no wiring between Entry and Exit Gates. Also multiple Entry & Exit gates can be used in a single software reporting system. it is RFID card based systema and doesnot require any Personal computer at site. • b) Wired Parking Fee management System - uses TCP/IP or RS 485 based wires. This is also RFID based system and can also take pictures and uses LED display. There are two protocols to collect payments in this system • i) Exit Gate Payment collection • ii) Central payment collection True 1512798820
Window Automation
Window Automation INR 0 INR 0 WINDOW AUTOMATION products first become popular in Europe. Where there was a need to open and close many windows at a time during sudden snow or to maintain temperature. I sea side hotels and apartments, there is a need to control windows with change in wind speed. Slowly it is becoming popular in developing countries. There are several types of Window Opener Motors also called Window operators. A) Motorized window Curtains are used in house, offices, hotels everywhere. Generally 6 feet wide x 4 feet height curtains are popular. It can be bi parting or single curtains. B) Roller Blinds – are mainly used in offices, hotels & factories. Blockout Roller Blinds - ideal for bedrooms and home cinemas these fabrics block out light and reduce heat, blockout fabrics give you privacy and protect furniture and flooring from sun effects like fading and bleaching. Translucent Roller Blinds - Ideal for living areas these fabrics reduce light, reduce heat, offer privacy and protect furniture and flooring from sun effects like fading and bleaching. These fabrics are ideal when both privacy and light are wanted but no view is required. Transparent / Sheer Roller Blinds - Ideal for living areas these fabrics reduce light, reduce heat, offer protection for furniture and flooring from sun effects like fading and bleaching. These fabrics are ideal when light is required, these fabrics also offer limited view through. Screen / Sheer Roller Blinds - Ideal for living areas these fabrics reduce light, offer heat reduction and glare control while maintaining the view. A) Motorized Swing Gates are used in Villa Gates. There are many types of Swing Gate Operators like arm type motor, pillar type motor, under ground motors, roller type motors. Normally each gate leaf of upto 5 meter wide and 500Kg weight can be motorized. B) Window Shutters are becoming popular nowadays in kitchen, showrooms, offices etc. Mainly Aluminum profiles are used in window shutters. Motorized Louvers and slats are also used in window automation. True 1512798987
Security & Surveillance Controls system
Security & Surveillance Controls system INR 0 INR 0 Security & Surveillance Controls system control a wide range of products- CCTV DVR systems Access control & Attendance Remote Control & Locks PIR Motion Sensors True 1512799083
VIDEO DOOR PHONES INR 0 INR 0 Video Door Phone is also caller Video Intercom system. It consist of two parts 1. Indoor Monitor is a Video Screen monitoring system with TFT or LCD screen, speaker, microphone and SD memory (optional) etc. 2. Outdoor Station – consist of a doorbell, speaker, microphone, camera with night vision facility etc. • • Operation Principal – When the visitor comes at the entrance of a house or office or apartment • etc, instead of normal calling bell, he PRESS a Doorbell on the, the ring bells in the Indoor monitor and picture of visitor is also visible on the video monitor. The person inside house / flat can see picture of visitor and can also talk. He can also OPEN the Door Lock by pressing button on Video Monitor. The Video Monitor also has SD Flash memory (Optional) so that, he can attach is separate CCTV camera (with Infra RED night vision camera) to the monitor and also can see what is happening in that area. • Apartment Video Door Phone – is mainly installed where no of flats are many, particularly in a high rise buildings. In such system Video monitors are installed in each flats but only 1 Outdoor station is fixed at the ground floor lobby of the house, generally outside the entrance. • When the visitor comes, he press the desired Flat no (code) in the outdoor station, the person inside the flat see the pictures and talks with visitor. After he is sure to meet the visitor, he opens the Door Lock at the entrance of Lobby. After the visitor reaches the desired flat, there is a 2nd Outdoor station (Optional), the visitor again press the bell and the function is repeated. • Wiring – There are various technologies to connect between Video monitor and Outdoor station. 1. Wireless – In this system there are no wires between Monitor and outdoor station. The communication is vide 4.33 Ghz Wireless technology. But it is not reliable beyond 20~30 meters. 2. 2 Wire Technology – is also used but not popular. 3. 4 Wire Technology (also called NCX) is most common technology used. The 4 wires are • +12V DC • GND • Video • Audio 1. Cat 6 wires are slowly replacing 4 wire technology in the market, where all the Monitor and outdoor stations are connected through Cat 6 wire in TCP/IP network (also called LAN network). In latest Video Intercom System, the TFT monitor are replaced by Touch screen LCD screen and Android operating system is used, so that the system is connected in wifi / internet and can be controlled by cellphone also. True 1512799221
UPVC WINDOW MFG. TOOLS INR 0 INR 0 uPVC ( (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride ) Windows and Doors are rapidly replacing the Aluminum Windows & Doors in the world market. Commonly used PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are strong & lightweight plastic used in construction. It is made softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers. If no plasticizers are added, it is known as uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride), rigid PVC, or vinyl siding in the US Features - LOW MAINTENANCE * TOUGH AND ROT RESISTANT * THERMAL COMFORT * OPENABLE TILT AND TURN * ACOUSTIC INSULATION * RESISTANT TO SALT EROSION * BUSHFIRE PERFORMANCE * HIGH SECURITY * RECYCLABLE Manufacturing uPVC Windows & Doors is a profitable business. Normally it takes Rs 30 Lacs to buy uPVC Window Manufacturing machines and 10000 Sq feet factory area. Whereas we can offer PORTABLE uPVC WINDOW Manufacturing machines which cost Rs 1.9 LAC to setup factory and hardly 500 Sq Feet Factory Area, which is easy to start up and venture into a highly profitable emerging industry. There are Four types of Machines & Tools needed - 1) portable Welding Machies 2) Corner Cleaning Machines (Electric or Pneumatic) 3) Water Slot Machines (ELectric) 4) Mitter Saw Machines, Pneumatic Air Compressor, Normal Tools. Smartpower provides all these machines with training at economy cost. True 1512799297
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